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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water

This makes me so sad! But, I'd adopt that orange tabby kitten in a heart beat! ;)

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Video: Kittens Rescued From Freezing House
Slideshow: Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water
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Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water
Police: Homeowners Will Face Charges
POSTED: 11:10 am PST February 9, 2007
UPDATED: 11:17 am PST February 9, 2007
KINGSTON, N.H. -- Owners of a New Hampshire home are facing charges after six kittens were rescued from the empty house, police said.
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The owners were evicted two weeks ago. Authorities said they left behind six kittens to fend for themselves in the house, which was as cold as 10 degrees.
The felines survived by eating styrofoam and plastic and drinking antifreeze tainted toilet water, police said.
All six kittens are now at a shelter where officials said they should be healthy enough to adopt soon.

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