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Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 is ending and 2008 is starting....

What an amazing year that 2007 has been for the AVP!

There were two more events added the Tour as well as more prize money. Some familiar faces won while other familar faces stepped down (Karch and EFonoi retired gracefully). New faces and/or teams arose to the higher placed finishes and gained valued airtime on telecasts for Fox Sports Net and NBC.

For 2008, the Olympic race continues for the two teams who'll qualify to represent TEAM USA in Beijing.

I predict that TEAM USA will come with at least two medals. I hope beach volleyball will continue to be a popular Olympic sport with the attendees as well as ratings. This will only help our sport grow back to its heyday (25+ events, tons of sponsors and/or media coverage and millions of dollars in prize money).

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Beijing Olympics are Less Than a Year Away!

It's getting really exciting now!

In the Chinese culture, the number eight is considered "the most fortuitous of numbers, making it much coveted for addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts."

The word for
"eight" in Chinese (Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means "fortune", "prosper" or "wealth" (, Pinyin: fā). In regional dialects the words for "eight" and "fortune" are also similar, eg Cantonese "baat" and "faat".
There is also a resemblance between two digits, "88", and the
shuang xi (囍 —— 'double joy'), a popular decorative design composed of two stylized characters 喜 (xi, 'joy', 'happiness').
Some people also think that 8 can be associated with the symbol meaning infinity (an 8 turned 90 degrees).
Telephone number 8888-8888 was sold for USD$270,723 in Chengdu, China.
Summer Olympics in Beijing are scheduled to open on 8/8/08 at 8:08:08 p.m.[2]
A man in Hangzhou offered to sell his license plate reading A88888 for 1.12 million yuan.[2]
Dragon Fish Industry in Singapore, a breeder of rare Asian Arowanas (which are "lucky fish" themselves, and, being a rare species, are required to be microchipped), makes sure to use numbers with plenty of eights in their microchip tag numbers, and appears to reserve particularly numbers especially rich in eights and sixes (e.g. 702088880006688) for particularly valuable specimens.[3][4]

from wikipedia's web site

The Games begin at 8:08 p.m. on August 8th, 2008. It's going to be a great time (as much celebration will happen from the Games, marriages and perhaps inducing labor) on this particular day.

On 8/08/08, expect their to be more hype than what 7/07/07 brought this year.

Once again, here are the beach volleyball standings as of today:



Monday, August 6, 2007

Volleyball News

As of right now, here are the rankings for the "Great Olmypic Race." Thanks to

1) for the men,Phil/Todd are the 9th seed. Jake/Sean are 17th ranked team. Steino/Lambo trail Jake/Sean by 400 points.

2) for the women, Misty/Kerri are impressively the 3rd ranked team (especially when you consider they're NOT playing the FIVB full-time), EY/Nicole are the 11th team. Jen Boss/April Ross trail EY/Nicole by almost 600 points. Rach/Tyra trail Boss/Ross by 96 points.

This is a really T-I-G-H-T race for a chance to represent the USA in the Beijing Olympic Games.

FYI, Stein/Lambo won in Chicago as did Jenny/Annett. Congrats to those two teams, who played in exciting finals!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

AVP action in Long Beach

It's been such a great day! The action's hot in Long Beach with my friends, Katie and Tracy Lindquist, taking down some big names.

Rach/Tyra are also playing well.

On the men's side, Kevin Wong is playing well with Larry Witt. It's good to see Kevin playing with a smile on his face.

I met Phil for the first time. I think he's very nice, but uberly quiet. He's the first AVPer to step up and help me with a project (which I am ironing out more details). So, kudos to Phil (and thanks to Richie Rich for the help too!!)!!

Please feel free to read about the AVP action today:

I took a few photos and started an album on photobucket:

Saturday, June 30, 2007

AVPers in Norway

Here are some of the results so far for the Olympic qualification race for the two spots for our USA squads:

Jen Boss/April Ross won over the Chinese team, Tian/Wang, for the gold medal. They won 21-14 and 21-12. Congrats to Boss/Ross on their first win together!!

Misty/Kerri won the bronze medal match over a German team.

here's info from

Bronze MedalMatch 71: Misty May-Treanor / Kerri Walsh United States (1) def. Sara Goller / Laura Ludwig Germany (17, Q6) 21-15, 21-13 (0:36)
Gold Medal

EY/Nicole place 9th.

Rach/Tyra place a disappointing 41st place and Holly/Logan lose out because of the CQ (country quota).

Furby/Scott lose out to CQ.

Ring/Wong place 33rd.

In 17th place, you'll find Jake/Sean and Lambo/Stein.

Phil/Todd are still in it! Here's to hoping they take home a medal this weekend in Norway!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

AVP players in Paris

With the Olympic Games in Beijing just around the corner, there are three women's teams (with Boss/Ross and McPeak/Tom failing to make into the main draw competition) and three men's teams (with Furby/Scott placing 17th and Ring/Wong missing out on the action because of the country quota) vying for the FIVB points.

As for the women, Misty/Kerri, Rach/Tyra and EY/Nicole are undefeated so far in competition. Looks like Tyra will earn herself a career high finish of 9th place or better this weekend on the FIVB Tour. I expect Misty/Kerri to make the finals against a Brazilian team or Chinese team if it's not an All-American final! ;)

As for the men, Lambo/Stein are playing a Chinese team as we speak. The score is 19-16. Phil/Todd and Jake/Rosie (they're the #1 seeded team this weekend) have yet to play.

I also hope our men will make the finals.

Good luck to all of the USA teams!


Yesterday was "Go Skateboarding Day." What did you do? I know Active had events at their locations, especially at their Costa Mesa location.

Element Team at Active Costa Mesaby Erica Yary - June 12th, 2007

Event Schedule
June 21, 2007
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Active Costa Mesa will be host to one of the many Active Go Skateboarding Day Festivities. Element will be in full effect and present to sign autographs and hang out for the skate jam session and BBQ June 21st at 2pm.
Come meet the Element team before they premiere the new Element video “This Is My Element” in Newport Beach after the Go Skateboarding Day bash.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

AVP Favorites.....

My favorite AVP..........

1) stop has been Huntington Beach so far. I'd like to be able to attend the Long Beach and Manhattan events later this summer. POssibly Vega$ again too.

2) newest sponsor is....Solar Safe. I love this product! I've been telling a LOT of my friends, who are healthcare professionals and educators.

3) current AVP sponsor....can't be narrowed down. But, I do like the Hilton Garden Inn because they let me sit in the VIP section when I wanted to just watch one of Rach's matches. So, kudos to them!

4) player blogs or web sites or Yahoo! groups to visit are: the blog site for Todd Rogers, the Lindquists web site, Holly McPeak's web site, the May-niacs (, Rach's fan page on Yahoo! (, Ian Clark's web site ( ), and Beach Volleyball Database (

**please note the list isn't in any particular order.

5) magazine is still DiG magazine. The issues just keep getting better and better! ;)

Happy 32nd birthday to Rachel Wacholder..

Today is Rachel's 32nd birthday!

Congrats on becoming the AVP's second-ranked women's team behind Misty/Kerri. Here's to more success for you and partner, Tyra Turner.

I hope Rach will be in the finals this weekend with Tyra.

anywho, surf on over to or to look at some great photos of Rachel.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hermosa-How 'bout those finals?

In case you haven't seen any AVP results, then I suggest you don't read this spoiler.

**Misty May-Treanor notched her 73rd win today, which put her into the volleyball records again for being all-time winningest leader on the women's side. Misty and Kerri Walsh-Jennings defeated Rachel Wacholder/Tyra Turner in two games.

Congrats to Jason Ring and Matt Olson for reaching their first finals together! I'm proud of that team. They've been my "sleeper" team this season. I expect them to make more finals again.

p.s. Todd Rogers/Phil Dalhausser won on the men's side in two games.

p.p.s. log onto and for more info and results.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

read the blogs by one of my favorite AVP pros, Todd Rogers

Todd's been one of my favorite players since I wrote him a letter a few years ago (he was playing with Dax Holdren then).

I hope you'll read some of his insightful blogs at:

See you at the beach!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Getting the most from your PR degree

This is from FORWARD BLOG:

A new entry titled 'Forward Podcast 23 :: Getting The Most From Your PR Degree ' has been posted to Forward Blog.

"Forward Podcast 23 is an interview with Donald Alexander, Senior Lecturer, Public Relations, at Charles Sturt University Bathurst.
Donald shares his tips from years of experience as a PR educator on how to get the most from your PR degree. Prior to entering academia, Donald held senior public relations management positions in both the finance and manufacturing sectors. He has also managed consultancies in technology and general sectors.
Please leave any questions or comments below."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

1) go to

2) I entered "National Multiple Sclerosis Society - NMSS - Southern California Chapter" for one of my searches.

3) I repeat the steps and write in "the Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation (" for another search.

4) Please use this site honestly. Fraudulent searches will result in your charity being delisted.

5) Search now and money will go to your designated cause.

AVP's first California 2007 stop

Huntington's going to happen next weekend! I'm excited! This is one of my favorite events on Tour because it's near my house and I can sleep in my own bed.

There's a promotion on KIIS FM right now for the AVP's event in Huntington:

KIIS FM radio has a promotion on their web site where you can wintickets to the Huntington Beach event."Schick Xtreme 3 & Ralphs Wants To Send You To Huntington Beach!ATTENTION VOLLEYBALL FANS – SCHICK® XTREME3® COMFORT PLUS™ DISPOSABLERAZORS IS GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO GET CLOSE TO THE ACTION AT THE AVPPRO BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT MAY 3RD THROUGH 6TH AT HUNTINGTONBEACH!"

p.s.The trivia question is easy to answer

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Justin TImberlake's latest move....

Timberlake on phone via V CastBy Antony Bruno,
Feb 12, 2007
Justin Timberlake is taking his image mobile.Timberlake on Friday unveiled a mobile video channel on Verizon Wireless' V Cast video service called JT-TV during a pre-Grammy party at the Avalon in Hollywood.

The move makes Timberlake the first artist to have his own branded channel on the V Cast service, with content developed exclusively for it. He will provide four areas of programming: fashion, music, movies and lifestyle.

Filming for the mobile TV service began at the Avalon, where Timberlake and childhood friend Trace Ayala launched their William Rast fashion line, complete with fashion show and musical performances.

JT-TV will begin airing in March with fashion and music programming, followed by movie and lifestyle content added in May or June.

Timberlake's manager Johnny Wright said the idea grew from Timberlake's days with 'N Sync, when the group was touring through Europe and saw the more advanced media capabilities of mobile phones there at the time. When discussing tour sponsorship possibilities with Verizon, the idea resurfaced.

"We started asking questions," Wright said. "How much further could we take this? Could we get involved in V Cast, because we've always wanted to do something called JT-TV. It was just at the right time, and it just clicked."

For Verizon, this is the first of what it hopes will be many artist-branded opportunities on its V Cast service, designed to drive awareness and adoption of the mobile video format.

"Artists are looking for ways to market themselves outside of music, and we're always looking to see who's coming up and spot what makes a good fit for us," said Verizon director of advertising and sponsorships Suzy Deering, adding that Timberlake was the ideal launch partner. "He's an amazing artist for us to work with because he's already got a vision of who he is as a brand. It makes it easier for us to adopt that brand into our objectives and our audience."

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water

This makes me so sad! But, I'd adopt that orange tabby kitten in a heart beat! ;)

if(PlayerFactory.audit.adclick && PlayerFactory.audit.adclick != '');window.lcMediaPlayer= document.getElementById('videoplug');lcPlayerClickEvent(nButton, nShiftState, fX, fY);
Video: Kittens Rescued From Freezing House
Slideshow: Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water
function trackerLoaded()
//log("tracker loaded: " + this.src);
if(NewState == 13 && videoplug.currentMedia)
var trackerImgUrl = videoplug.currentMedia.getItemInfo("tracker");
if(trackerImgUrl != "")
var img = new Image();
img.onload = trackerLoaded;
img.src = trackerImgUrl;
addEvent(window, 'load', function() {
PlayerFactory.createPlayer(240, 180, 'playerparent', 10973981, false);
PlayerFactory.adTarget = "inline";
Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water
Police: Homeowners Will Face Charges
POSTED: 11:10 am PST February 9, 2007
UPDATED: 11:17 am PST February 9, 2007
KINGSTON, N.H. -- Owners of a New Hampshire home are facing charges after six kittens were rescued from the empty house, police said.
Related Content: Video Images
The owners were evicted two weeks ago. Authorities said they left behind six kittens to fend for themselves in the house, which was as cold as 10 degrees.
The felines survived by eating styrofoam and plastic and drinking antifreeze tainted toilet water, police said.
All six kittens are now at a shelter where officials said they should be healthy enough to adopt soon.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Koston Golfs for Dream Center

For Immediate Release:
February 1, 2007

Koston Golfs for Dream Center
Koston and Active combine efforts in raising funds to help rebuild the Santa Ana Dream Center skate park

Ontario, CA , February 1st - On Thursday March 8th, Eric Koston along with Active will be holding the first annual Eric Koston Invitational Golf Tournament for the benefit of the Santa Ana Dream Center . The Dream Center is a non-profit organization which is committed to helping inner city youth excel in life. “We are a place where people can come to learn, eat, and skate without the fear of gangs, drugs, or violence,” states Shane Veera of the Dream Center . All proceeds from the Eric Koston Invitational Golf Tournament will go to fund the building of the street course. Donations from the event are slated to exceed $8,000.

The Tournament will be held at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club and will consist of 13 teams of 4 players who will play in the best ball format. Some of the invitees include top professional skateboarders, as well as numerous skateboard industry movers and shakers. Everyone from Ogio to Nixon will be involved in contributing towards the Dream Center and the Tournament. “Everyone involved is proud to help Eric Koston launch his first annual golf tournament. Eric has given so much to all of us in the skateboard community and again he is extending his efforts to give even more.”

Shane Veera also stated, “This event is a very worthy event and will greatly aid in our center’s success. Active has helped a tremendous deal in this past year and has contributed clothing to hundreds of low income families in the neighborhood and has provided the youth with skate gear that the children can be proud of and helmets that were greatly needed. I’m excited for this event and my hat goes off to Eric Koston and everybody at Active who are making this happen.”

About Active:Established in 1989, Active, has grown to become a leading retailer and mail order business in action sports, sponsoring the Worlds most elite Skateboarders and Snowboarders with locations through out Southern California, and delivering over 3 million catalogs to actions sports enthusiasts nation-wide. Active offers its customers the Worlds finest brands and the industries hottest trends from companies, such as Vans, Nike, Lakai, Emerica, DVS, Burton, Diesel, Billabong, KR3W, Hurley and much more…

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Luck of the Draw? Yeah, Whatever!

So, we've got five people in the Comm 464 group. It's me, Val, Christian, Farhad and Renee.

We decided to choose pieces of paper to see who'd be group leader. The one with the shortest piece would become said leader.

Well, imagine my luck to be first and to have chosen the smallest piece of paper!


Monday, February 5, 2007

VolleyChick's contest for February

**I currently am helping VolleyChick,an up-andcoming volleyball clothing company, with public relations and promotions.

We have a January 2007 winner!Congratulations to John for his entry:"Cinta-llation: The rapid displacement of the attack of an opposing player"Cinta had a really tough time deciding from all the great entries - but John's was her favorite - thanks again to everyone who participated.

Please enter our February 2007 Contest Volleyball Dictionary of Slang.


"Beach Bum" defined

My father gave me this moniker of "beach bum" many years ago because I love to watch the Association of Volleyball Professionals (A.V.P.) Tour when the tour stops in California every summer.

It's a nickname that I still use today, especially in the AVP's forum.

Welcome to my blog...


Welcome to my blog spot.