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Monday, August 6, 2007

Volleyball News

As of right now, here are the rankings for the "Great Olmypic Race." Thanks to

1) for the men,Phil/Todd are the 9th seed. Jake/Sean are 17th ranked team. Steino/Lambo trail Jake/Sean by 400 points.

2) for the women, Misty/Kerri are impressively the 3rd ranked team (especially when you consider they're NOT playing the FIVB full-time), EY/Nicole are the 11th team. Jen Boss/April Ross trail EY/Nicole by almost 600 points. Rach/Tyra trail Boss/Ross by 96 points.

This is a really T-I-G-H-T race for a chance to represent the USA in the Beijing Olympic Games.

FYI, Stein/Lambo won in Chicago as did Jenny/Annett. Congrats to those two teams, who played in exciting finals!!

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Jason Schock said...

If you're interested, I have an Olympic stats tracker, too. The data isn't quite as thorough, but it's updated daily and gives a little bit of statistical insight, as well.