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Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 is ending and 2008 is starting....

What an amazing year that 2007 has been for the AVP!

There were two more events added the Tour as well as more prize money. Some familiar faces won while other familar faces stepped down (Karch and EFonoi retired gracefully). New faces and/or teams arose to the higher placed finishes and gained valued airtime on telecasts for Fox Sports Net and NBC.

For 2008, the Olympic race continues for the two teams who'll qualify to represent TEAM USA in Beijing.

I predict that TEAM USA will come with at least two medals. I hope beach volleyball will continue to be a popular Olympic sport with the attendees as well as ratings. This will only help our sport grow back to its heyday (25+ events, tons of sponsors and/or media coverage and millions of dollars in prize money).

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