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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spotlight on Lisa Hoyle

Lisa Hoyle is Marketing Manager for the ESPN X-Games. I also consider Lisa Hoyle to be a friend and a mentor.

I first met Lisa at the US Open of Surfing (I think it was last year lol). The X-Games booth is an integral part of the US Open of Surfing because of the sheer number of fans, who love the X-Games. Anywho, I saw that Lisa needed some pens. I gave her the stash of pens that I always carry as I filled out a contest entry form.

Lisa told me to wait because she wanted to give me something. I wasn't really expecting anything in return. She gave me one of the skateboard decks that the ESPN X-Games sells online and at the games. I was so happy! I knew I'd be able to do something great with the skateboard (and have been getting it signed by as many athletes as I can to give it away for The Inaugural Whitty Tribute Raffle).

This story will always be a reminder of what true proessionalism is: treat others how you wish to be treated!

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