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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rolling O Hits AVP in LB

Over the weekend the Rolling Lab made a stop at the AVP in Long Beach, CA. Hundreds of fans as well as about 30 beach volleyball professionals were educated on the power of HDO by touring the lab.

The AVP (association of volleyball professionals) is comprised of the best men’s and women’s pro beach volleyball players in the U.S. and arguably, the world. With only one week till the Olympic Games, the Long Beach Open was the last chance for fans to see Beijing Olympians compete on American sand.

The lab was set up along the boardwalk of Marina Green Park where tons of local foot traffic and bicyclists made their way through over the weekend. The lab crew cranked all the freshest beats keeping the party vibe going all weekend long and drawing in both volleyball fans and other outdoor enthusiasts. Each person who passed through the lab was given a raffle ticket for a pair of thumps that would be raffled off during the women’s final on Sunday that was broadcast live on NBC.

The player’s tent (where athletes chill out and refuel between matches) was nestled right beside the lab. In fact, many athletes ditched the traditional player’s tent for the plush air-conditioned Oakley lounge that accompanies the lab. Olympians Todd Rodgers, Phil Dalhausser, Sean Rosenthal, and Elaine Youngs all made their way through the lab and were impressed by the demonstrations.

During the men’s finals on Saturday afternoon, 30 eyewear cases were thrown out into the crowd by the smoking hot Cuevo girls. In order for fans to redeem their sunglasses, they had to first take a tour of the lab. By this point in the weekend the fans and spectators were buzzing about the lab leaving every other sponsor at the event scratching their heads wondering how and if ever they could be as cool as Oakley.

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